Some of our recent projects include the following:

Kitchen Remodel- Rescue, CA

With natural materials and gray tones foremost in the color palette, this gourmet kitchen creates the perfect environment for comfortable living and authentic cooking. Deluxe appliances, large working island, and food prep zones are expertly arranged and make for an inviting environment for both cooking and conversations!

Kitchen Remodel- Shingle Springs, CA

Bright, cheery, and timeless, this kitchen was created to quench the owner’s thirst! Thirst for beer that is. We completely reconfigured the space to incorporate a Kegerator with two taps right into the brand new island. Since we were already rearranging the space, we also added a pantry. The design integrated the existing floors allowing the tranquil feel to flow throughout the house.

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Kitchen Remodel- Granite Bay, CA

The original kitchen in this Granite Bay home was too small and too dark for the homeowner’s taste. They sought a space that invited guests to linger. The new layout not only opened the kitchen to the living room, but also raised the ceiling to match. By incorporating custom cabinets, these savvy entertainers included a wine bar and media center that created a cohesive look throughout the entire area.

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Kitchen Remodel- Cameron Park, CA

This kitchen remodel was a huge endeavor as we moved the kitchen from one end of this multi-level home to another. We also took out all of the walls on this level and added a great room. The kitchen went from a tiny outdated area to an elegant masterpiece perfect for these homeowners to entertain.

 Bliss Builders  Kitchen Remodel 2  Kitchen Remodel 3

Room Addition- Shingle Springs, CA

This charming room addition is appointed with many simple details including an easy to care for tile floor. This beautiful home combines the cozy feel of a well loved family home with the space of a large luxury home. This home is filled with many Bliss Builders, Inc. touches as we have remodeled their kitchen and master bathroom, too!

 Bliss Builders Addition 3  Addition 2  Bliss Builders

Kitchen Remodel- Folsom, CA

Pre-remodel, this lovely home was heavy with tract home influence. The homeowner dreamed of a space that was not only beautiful, but also efficient. The custom made cabinets allowed for outstanding functionality and flexibility. The granite slab countertops added an elegant flair to this perfect space.

 Bliss Builders Kitchen Remodel Folsom 2 Kitchen Remodel Folsom 3 Kitchen Remodel Folsom 4

Bathroom Remodel- Shingle Springs, CA

This was no straight-forward facelift! This bathroom required a complete overhaul to satisfy the owner’s need for a zen atmosphere. Mike kept the design simple and open to create a nice sense of flow. By incorporating natural products, Mike created a relaxing, peaceful place for this homeowner to detox after a long day. Take a look at the before shots of this out-dated bathroom!

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